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For more than 80 years, the goal of the Edmonton Executive Association is to generate business for our members.

Carpet & Furnace Cleaning


Alberta Carpet & Furnace Cleaning We Take Care of People - We do this by providing clean and healthy personal and business environments. We have a long history in residential cleaning in Edmonton & surrounding areas, but we also do large cleaning projects throughout Northern Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan. We offer our full range of services to residential, commercial, new construction, institutional and restoration customers. Our services include: - Carpet cleaning - Furniture cleaning - Area rug cleaning - HVAC Cleaning (all sizes) - Furnace & Duct Cleaning - Dryer Vent Cleaning

Phone: 780-454-1937, 780-454-1937 x 366

Benefit Details
  • EEA Discount - check my files for current offer.
  • Automobile Broker


    ProCredit Auto Sales and Finance is an AMVIC licenced auto Dealership headquartered in Edmonton, but delivers vehicles across Canada. A large portion of our customers are in the non-prime market which includes first time buyers, new residents of Canada, and people who have had credit challenges for many different reasons. The other portion of our customer base are people who have prime credit but enjoy our concierge service. They tell us what kind of vehicle they are looking for, then we find the vehicle that they want at the best price. Once we have it narrowed down to one we inspect, detail and make sure that it is showroom ready. Our customers get the vehicle that they desire without having to step foot in a dealership.

    Phone: 780-905-5626

    Benefit Details
  • This process describes what we do and how we are quite different from a typical Dealership. 1. You tell us what kind of vehicle you want. We find you the best deal on that type of vehicle. 2. You approve the vehicle. We negotiate the best rates from the banks, warranty and insurance companies. 3. We deliver your vehicle right to your home (or you can come to our office to pick it up).